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The Dogo Argentino, which was created in the 1920's by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez and his brother Augustin Nores Martinez is the result of a dream. The Martinez brothers set out to develop not only a fierce and loyal big game hunting companion but also wanted this new breed to function as a home and family guardian.
Using the now extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog as part of the foundation stock, the Nores brothers included these following breeds for their outstanding characteristics:

  • the Pointer was added to increase scenting ability
  • the Boxer for intelligence and training ability
  • the Great Dane for size
  • the Bull Terrier for fearlessness
  • the Bulldog for chest width
  • the Irish Wolfhound for hunting instinct and speed
  • the Dogue de Bordeaux for jaw strength
  • the Great Pyrenees for size and white coat
  • the Spanish Mastiff for power

  • In 1928 the first breed standard was written. In 1964 the Dogo was recognized by the FCA (Argentine Kennel Club) and in 1973 was recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique International). In 1985 the Dogo Argentino reached the United States.
    Much has been written about the history of the Dogo Argentino. In our years of research we have found that the following links provide the most accurate and detailed information on the topic.
  • www.dogosboaglio.freeservers.com
  • www.dogousa.org/DACA/history_of_the_dogo.asp





    English Bull Terrir

    Dogue de Bourdeaux

    Great Dane

    English Bulldog